Greg Lobanov
Based in Vancouver, Canada

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September 27, 2018

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Nintendo Switch


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Wandersong takes you on a whimsical, musical journey across the globe. Eons ago, the goddess Eya put the universe into motion with her music--now, as she does every epoch or so, she's going to sing a new song and reset existence. You play as a lowly bard tasked with finding the pieces of a mysterious melody called the Earthsong, which is said to be able to preserve the planet. Use your singing to help characters, solve puzzles, and save the world!


Wandersong was first made by Greg Lobanov, inspired by his 5,000 mile bike ride across the United States, and went into development in October 2015. After a successful Kickstarter in February 2016, he brought on sound designer Em Halberstadt (known now for her exceptional work on Night in the Woods) and musician Gordon McGladdery (A Shell in the Pit, known for music in games such as Rogue Legacy, Viking Squad, Bunket Punks, etc). The game is made in Gamemaker: Studio, software that Greg first learned to make games in about a decade ago, but expanded with a wide array of in-house dev tools including a shape-and-color based level editor and fairly advanced audio editor. They're currently aiming to release the game in early 2018.


  • 10-12 hours of adventure!
  • Use singing to interact with the world!
  • 150+ characters to meet and discover!
  • 150+ characters to annoy with your singing!
  • The DANCE BUTTON... dance anytime, anywhere!
  • Whimsy!


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Awards & Recognition

  • "PAX 10 Official Selection" Penny Arcade Expo 2017
  • "Day of the Devs Official Selection" Day of the Devs 2017
  • "Fantastic Arcade Official Selection" Fantastic Arcade 2017
  • "The MIX at PAX Official Selection" Penny Arcade Expo 2017
  • "Indie MEGABOOTH Official Selection" Penny Arcade Expo 2016
  • "The MIX at GDC Official Selection" Game Developer's Conference 2016

Selected Articles

  • "Wandersong is the most emotionally satisfying game I've played in 2018. It's a rollercoaster ride through the spectrum of feelings, all wrapped up in a lovingly crafted construction paper world. I didn't even know this game existed a month ago. Now, it's one I'll never forget."
    - Cj Andriessen, Destructoid (9/10)
  • "Wandersong is unexpected in all the best ways, heart-warming in all the right moments and inspires a sense of joy in song that I think most people will immediately relate to, whether they realise they have it within them or not. This game is a gem. There's really no other way I can put it."
    - Chelsea Thomson, The Insatiable Gamer (9/10)
  • "It isn't just a good game, but an incomparable--and almost indescribable--emotional and narrative experience... undoubtedly one of the best indie games out in 2018."
    - Tom Bedford, Digital Fix (9/10)
  • "Wandersong is easily the most wholesome, heartwarming game about friendship you'll play all year."
    - Diego Escala, MonsterVine (8.5/10)
  • "The amount of love that went into creating Wandersong shows through its vivacious environments, harmonic compositions, diverse characters, and engaging story."
    - Amanda Bower, TechRaptor (8.5/10)
  • "Wandersong wasn't even on my radar before PAX West and now it's the only thing I can think about. Dumb and Fat Games has a real shot at making the next "must have" Switch indie title..."
    - Cj Andriessen, Destructoid
  • "Wandersong looks so good that I started crying while watching the demo. It's that good... Gorgeous visuals are buoyed by a fantastic soundtrack and vocal work, making this an easy standout of PAX, and my personal favorite game I saw all weekend."
    - Dante Douglas, Paste Magazine
  • "What I was struck the most by - other than the happy paper cutout visuals - was how funny Wandersong was. It's got a strong personality and goofy vibe a la Undertale that seems well-suited for Switch."
    - Allegra Frank, Polygon
  • "[One] of the most eye-catching and engaging indie video games from this year's PAX West to put on your radar when you're looking for a new gameplay experience or the next great game to play..."
    - Kelly Knox, Geek and Sundry
  • "The video game world needs this... The Katamari Damacy series, Parappa the Rappa, Jet Set Radio. From what I've experienced, and after meeting the man behind it all, I put Wandersong on track to be right up there with some of my all time favorites. "
    - Chris Emory, Unique Drops
  • "I found myself alight, warmed by the game's ebullience and heart. From the sharp, sardonic dialogue to the game's dotingly crafted paper collage aesthetic, Lobanov seems to have taken great care in making his game a place you go, not just a thing you do."
    - Eli Cymet, ookpixels
  • "It's a very inventive looking gameplay mechanic and I'm a little shocked that we haven't seen it done before in the way it's depicted in the game"
    - William Usher, CinemaBlend
  • "Occasionally, a project appears on Kickstarter that is just so wonderfully new and creative that you want to give the developer your entire savings"
    - Andrew Rainnie, Warp Zoned



About Greg Lobanov

I'm a big kid who's been making games since I could wield markers and scissors as a tiny kid. Nowadays I make whimsical, colorful videogames in Game Maker. I like telling stories!

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Gordon McGladdery

Em Halberstadt

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